Meet Your Doula: Lacy Anderson

Hey there! Adding a new baby to the family creates a lot of emotions and a ton of new experiences. As a Doula my passion is to help parents feel empowered and well supported on thier new baby journey! We all need support, love, and encouragement to grow!

One of my core values is to be there for others in whatever way I can. Many people have said my top personallity strenght is that I "always show up with dedication and love." You will find that my core value shines through in all things that I do. A question you will often hear me ask is; "How can I support you? or "How can I help?"

I often get asked "Why did you become a Doula?"
Well I didn't know I wanted to become a "Doula" until I learned the term during a birthing class I took for my second child, it was an "OH MY GOSH YES" moment for me! Since I was a teenager I've been doing the different tasks like supporting families during pregnancy, being there during labor and helping educate other about child development. It was a life changing moment when I realized I could take all the things and put them together to support more families.

A little bit about my life: I am a M.W.D. "Mom, Wife, Doula." I have three very active, crazy loud children; Caleb, Ariella and Winslow. I also have two cats and a dog. My favorite color is Glow in the Dark, lol I know its not technically a color but I still love it! During the warmer months you will find that my family and I are usually out camping, fishing, or exploring the world. We spend alot of time together learning and growing as I homeschool my littles. A couple of my favorite indoor things to do is, reading a good book or inviting friends and family over for a meal and to play games.

Quality family time is so important to me, whether that's me with my family. or helping others get to have that time with their family. It is one of the many reasons I love being a Doula.

Childbirth Iternational

Certified Birth Doula (CBD)
Certified Postpartum Doula (CPD)