Meet Your Doula: Lacy Anderson

Welcome! As a Doula I work for you and I want to help make your life easiser. I provide each of my families with personalized, compasstionate, judge free support.

Having a baby or adding a new baby to the family creates a lot of emotions and new experiences. One of my core values is to be there for people, however they need. If they need to vent or they need hands on support, I’m here to help. The common saying, "It takes a village to raise a family" I find to be spot on. We all need support, love, and encouragement to grow.

Often I get the question: "Why did I become a Doula?"
Super simple answer. After learning what a doula was during a birthing class, it became an "ah ha" moment for me! I could provide education and information to families. I could offer emotional support. I can ofter parents a break and a helping hand. That is just some of the amazing things, as a doula, I can provide.

Some tidbits about me: I have two very active, young children; a son and a daughter. We spend a lot of outdoor time during the warm months. My family is always out camping, fishing, or exploring the world. I also love just sitting in the yard reading a good book, soaking up the sun while the kids play. Some of my core values are: to make quality family time a priority, to be supportive and caring, and to always help my clients AND their families to the best of my ability. Quality family time is so important to me that, whether that's me with my family. or helping others get to have that time with their family. It is one of the main reasons I love being a doula.

Childbirth Iternational

Certified Birth Doula (CBD)
Certified Postpartum Doula (CPD)